Web 2.0: Why we got here and what’s next

Briljante presentatie van Rolf Skyberg. Kijk uit naar quotes als:

  • “Web 2.0 is not a THING, but a TIME”,
  • “we are surprised that teens are drawn to a place where they can listen to music, talk loudly, and express themselves without parental supervision [but in terms of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, this makes absolute sense]”,
  • “All business steal, but the business that steals the least, wins“,
  • “the most succesfull of us will stop looking at the Internet as Web X.Y, but as a tool to cope with our inability to store, process, retrieve, and transmit massive amounts of information with other humans not near me”.

Web 2.0 geplot op Maslow’s hierarchy of needs piramide:

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