About me

Hi there!

I’m Martin, born in 1982 and living in the Netherlands with my wife and two kids. I work as Head of Strategy & Consulting at a global digital creative agency in Amsterdam.

I recently realized that for almost my entire professional career I dealt with anxiety, self-doubt and fear of failure. In the beginning, this manifested itself through being a perfectionist. Working long hours, always trying to make stuff better, learning more, reading more, doing more. But throughout the years, it also manifested itself through in more negative ways: stress, insecurity and negative thoughts.

I also started to realize where it comes from. It originates from how I was raised. Realizing this gave me the space to do something about it. I started to invest time in self help. I started listening to all sorts of podcasts and read books that would allow for mental growth. Not the quirky, shabby stuff (I think), but actual advice, principles, theories and best practices from respected, experienced and accomplished people. Principles I started implementing.

Slowly I felt it started to work. I started to feel better. Work better. Be better. I also noticed that a lot of valuable insights got lost. I wanted a space where I could jot down the stuff I heard, read, experienced that I considered most valuable.

So hence this (renewed) blog! It will be an archive of all the stuff the help me on my journey to mental growth. I hope you enjoy! And if you do, please reach out to me on Twitter @martinkloos

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